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We have organised dozens of cub events from September 2022 till now.

3AM also offers event organisation service for our customers. Our team provides full professional event programme from creating inspiring idea to putting into the final practice.

Services & Advantage


Event Planning and Execution

As an event organization company, our goal is to make your event a success by taking care of the planning, preparations, and execution. We work closely to understand your unique requirements and vision for the event, as well as your budget constraints.

Our services include creating a detailed event plan, selecting the most suitable venue, sourcing vendors for catering, entertainment, and decorations, managing logistics such as transportation and accommodation, and provide on-site supervision and coordination.


Marketing and Promotion

Our marketing and promotion experience resources on both China and UK social media offers distinct advantages. From September 2022 till February 2023, we have gained more than 1k followers on RedBook, one of the most widely used social media in China. We have also gathered around 2k customers on WeChat Group and WeChat Official Account.

We partner with local businesses to develop the offline exposure of the event promotion. We closely collaborate with several Chinese company and offline stores in the UK such as Hungry Panda, Hang Sing Hong Asian Store, etc.

By utilizing these different media platforms, we are able to reach a wider and more diverse audiences, effectively expanding our reach and potential customer base.



We have the advantage of rich resources and extensive collaboration with several club venues all around the UK such as PRYZM, Steel Yard, CARGO, PLAYROOM, ICON, etc, throughout London, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham.


Our collaborator venues vary in terms of size, atmosphere, location. From trendy nightclubs to industrial warehouses, we have something to suite every taste and preference. Whether you are looking for a small and intimate setting or a large, high -energy space to host a massive party, we have you covered.



We collaborate with many stunning Chinese and Korean DJs and MCs based in the UK. Whether you are looking for a CPOP/KPOP party for specific group, or an EDM/HIPHOP/HOUSE/DISCO party for the purpose, we can offer the best recommendation. 

We also work with some professional and stylist event photographers and videographers in London, Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds. We cover your party recording, leaving the best memory for your event.

3AM are known for creating unforgettable experiences that leave lasting impressions on everyone involved.
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