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We organize LIVEHOUSE and TOUR for global artists in the UK and Europe.

Whether you are a DJ, MC, singer, band, or rapper, contact us if you are looking for a UK/Europe base tour manager and promoter.



Plan, Organize and Execution

We offer professional plan and organization of the logistics of the LIVEHOUSE and TOUR for the artist around the UK and Europe, including booking the venue, arranging for transportation and accommodation, and ensuring the necessary equipment and facilities.

We work closely with the artists to accommodate the artists' needs and preferences, to make sure that the event could lead to greater success for the artists.


Marketing and Promotion

We offer specific marketing strategy and promotion programme for the event. We have rich experience of promoting music event around the UK especially if the artists are tend to gain greater Asian audiences. 

We handle the promotion through various marketing channels including social media on both UK and Chinese platforms. We also collaborate with local businesses stores for expanding offline exposure. Our team is capable to attract targeting audiences and buzz more potential groups.

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